Cracker Barrel, a restaurant company, was trolled on social media over its Pride Month ad. The company shared a post celebrating pride month, though it attracted criticism in no time.

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The company in the post said, “We are excited to celebrate Pride Month with our employees and guests. Everyone is always welcome at our table. Happy Pride!”

As the post surfaced on the Internet. The food chain grabbed a lot of unwanted attention and was heavily trolled. The troller labeled them “woke”.

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Several Twitter users lambasted the move from the company. One user tweeted, “BOYCOTT CRACKER BARREL.  I want their corporate scalp hung on the wall.  This is SICK and EVIL.”

“Sad that they care more about money and themselves than their customers. Oh well, another place never to give my hard earned money to! Enjoy going broke @CrackerBarrel😘”, another user tweeted.

One user wrote, “@CrackerBarrel … all have to know that you just pissed off at least 90% of your potential customers, right. You are not in danger of me or my family dining at any of your restaurants again. Bye now!”

Though this is not the first time Cracker Barrel has been accused of going woke. Last year, Cracker Barrel made it to the headlines following a Facebook post promoting its new plant-based sausage. The Tennessee-based restaurant chain shared a notice on its Facebook page showcasing a photo of scrambled eggs and two sausage patties made by Impossible Foods, a prominent vegan meat producer, alongside the caption, “Discover new meat frontiers.” Several customers after the tussle slammed Cracker Barrel for going woke, by introducing vegan meat to their menu.

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Cracker Barrel is a popular American food chain. It has been delighting customers for over 30 years. As of 2022, the chain boasts a widespread presence with over 660 locations, catering to customers in nearly every state across the United States.