Remember when Jim Carrey shocked the world with his $20 million salary for The Cable Guy? Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays, the highest-paid actors in Hollywood can demand astronomical figures for their services and, bizarrely, they generally get them. This year, British actor Daniel Craig is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, thanks to a surprising hit that has spawned a massive cinema craze.

Here are the highest-paid actors for 2021

Daniel Craig – $100 Million

As reported, Daniel Craig is the highest-paid actor for 2021 thanks to a lucrative deal with Netflix. The streaming service picked up Craig’s runaway hit Knives Out with two sequels set to premiere in the coming years. Craig’s $100 million pay cheque can be credited to the projected back-end box office participation, but also a hefty contribution from the upcoming Bond film, No Time to Die, set to swell the final figure.

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Dwayne Johnson – $50 Million

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a perennial A-lister in terms of the highest-paid actors, however, this year, he’s slipped to second spot. His $50 million salary is a projection, with the initial reports suggesting his Red One pay cheque is closer to $30 million before back-end box office participation.

Will Smith – $40 Million

There is Oscar-buzz surrounding Will Smith’s new film King Richard, but that’s not the only boost for the actor. His role as Richard Williams, father of tennis greats Venus and Serena netted him a reported $40 million, good enough for third place in this year’s top-earning actors.

Denzel Washington – $40 Million

Denzel is perhaps the most consistent man in Hollywood and he’s got a bank account to match. The two-time Academy Award-winning actor, producer and director is continuing to bolster his bottom line with major roles. For the thriller The Little Things, Denzel reportedly earned a cool $40 million.

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Leonardo DiCaprio – $30 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio is not short on cash and in 2021, the actor is back at his best. For the upcoming sci-fi thriller Don’t Look Up, DiCaprio and co-star Jennifer Lawrence are making some serious cash. The leading man managed to score a whopping $30 million, thanks to a combination of signing salary and back-end projections.

Mark Wahlberg – $30 Million

Another Netflix special, Spenser Confidential was a surprising hit for Mark Wahlberg. The action/comedy wasn’t Oscar-worthy by any stretch, but it landed in the right place at the right time. Released at the height of the pandemic, the film was one of the most watched films of 2021.