The Waffle House brawl between employees and customers turned violent. The clash took place on Christmas Day at Waffle House, North location, on Eatonton Road over a to-go order. 

The videos of the incident when surfaced on social media went viral immediately and activated the trolls. Memes circulated on social media platforms showed both employees and alleged customers attacking each other violently. 

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Who are Alexis Shaianne Smith, Roderick Ramone Brown? 

The dispute led to two arrests. Alexis Shaianne Smith is a 27-year-old woman arrested in the case. The other is a 35-year-old man, Roderick Ramone Brown and both of them belong to Madison. They were arrested under charges of disorderly conduct and threatening a Waffle House employee, according to Madison Police Department.

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Responding to the altercation reports, Madison Police Department officers and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputies reached the Waffle House. Several persons were reported “yelling” outside the restaurant the officers reported when they reached the spot. 

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Roderick Ramone Brown, 35, said that he had requested a to-go order. After waiting for the food, the one he received did not correspond to the order that he placed. He started a verbal argument with the Waffle House Manager, a woman, he stated.

Alexis Shaianne Smith, the 27-year-old alleged customer was “acting belligerent” when he was being questioned about the incident, the reports mentioned. She was then ordered to get into the patrol vehicle.  

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The officers acknowledged that there were several children present inside the restaurant who witnessed the clash at Waffle House. The woman manager of the restaurant offered Ramone Brown a refund for mistaken order. She and Brown were walking outside the restaurant when Smith took a swing at the manager, she alleged while giving her statement.

Smith added to her statement that she tried to hit the manager. Both Brown and Smith were then taken to the Morgan County Detention Center and booked into the jail.