An investigation revealed that a principal named Dana Simmons and a gym teacher named Dylan Charles in Georgia had sexual relations on campus.

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Who are Dana Simmons and Dylan Charles?

Dana Simmons is a principal and Dylan Charles is a gym teacher in a school in Georgia. They two have been accused of having sexual relations on campus.

The physical education instructor, Charles, produced video and photographic evidence to support his claims that he had an affair with his senior that lasted for years, some of which occurred on school property.

Interviews were done with a number of employees, including Charles’ wife and assistant principal Dr. Leigh Ann Perry. Dana Simmons, the principal, announced her resignation on January 27, 2023, and Perry was then elevated to the job, according to Banks County Superintendent Dr. Ann Hopkins.

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The sexual misconduct was discovered after Simmons expressed worry that Charles had “bugged her office or had a source at the BOE (Board Of Education) office providing him with information regarded BOE activities,” according to the investigation carried out by a third party.

Charles later claimed that he had an adulterous relationship with Simmons that lasted “for several years,” during which time they had sex both on and off the grounds of the primary school.

The gym instructor sent pictures of him and Simmons kissing on the mouth, and another shows a naked man and woman having sex in a car. Charles recognized himself and the principal as the figures.

During an interview, Kelsey Charles confessed that she had “suspected for some time there was a relationship between her husband and Dr Simmons.”

She said that Simmons “manipulated” her and her husband into agreeing to the extramarital affair and “pressured her” into doing so. However, the principal asserts that Kelsey arranged the meetings and was present when they took place.

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Prior to her resignation, Kelsey is said to have worked as a third-grade teacher at the school. She acknowledged monitoring and recording their sexual interactions. Despite having “lived with the circumstance for two and a half years,” she chose not to report it.

At the time of her resignation, Dana Simmons had been the principal for three years and had worked for the Banks County BOE for roughly 20 years.