A 2020 video of Alewia Tola Roba, a woman dubbed ‘Black Karen’ for accusing an Indonesian cafe in Colorado of ‘stealing black culture’, has gone viral on social media.

After naming their establishment “Trap Tea,” an African-American black lady launched into a racist tirade at the owner and staff of an Asian tea shop, accusing them of “stealing black culture.” The incident happened in a boba tea business that had just opened in Aurora, Colorado.

Who is Alewia Tola Roba?

‘Trap House’ is slang for a drug house, according to Wikitonary. a location where illegal drugs are made, sold on the open market, or packaged for sale. Alewia Tola Roba, a black woman who is 23 years old, hails from Ethiopia.

The nearly minute-long video posted on Twitter starts with Roba saying: “You’re using black culture to gain customers. This establishment is not black-owned, but you’re stealing black culture.”

As one of the employees asks her how they were stealing black culture, Roba says: “Is this not black culture, Trap Tree? No! You’re thieves. Asian people stealing black culture once again. It’s okay. You’ll be exposed. You are not black owned, stealing black culture.”

The worker now adds, “Thank you for coming,” as she waits to be paid. Roba continues her racist tirade by claiming that she entered the store assuming it to be black-owned. “No! I came here thinking it was a black-owned business. I arrived here for that reason. I am assisting a black-owned company. It’s not a black-owned business. Black culture is once again being stolen by Asians”, she claimed.

Roba yells at a different black customer who attempted to speak out for the staff, “You’re a c**n! Stop talking!”

Trap Tree later clarified the name in a message on Instagram, citing their “appreciation of black southern culture, the grind, hustle, and drive we put into the brand, and the friends and family we have collaborated with to make that possible.” According to the statement, trap tea is all about love and bringing people together. The statement read that the logo is a parody of the dragon ball z kame home from the well-known anime series.

Roba’s racist rant left a lot of social media users baffled. “The word “trap” is just that – A WORD. No culture owns it or can claim its use solely by their own people. The woman in the video is the one who is a racist – only wanting to go to a business based on the color of the owner’s skin. Then calling a customer an offensive slur,” commented a user.

“The rager has no integrity and has clammed up all her accounts to avoid the backlash. You should sue the ever-living hell out of her,” wrote another.