Anne Zakkour, a member of the Tipp City School Board in Ohio, created a moment of intense controversy during a recent meeting by delivering a sarcastic Nazi salute and chant aimed at board president Simon Patry. Her actions were a direct response to what she perceived as Patry’s dictatorial behavior during the session. Zakkour’s symbolic act of protest quickly garnered attention, sparking a heated discussion about free speech and decorum within the school board.

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The altercation unfolded when Patry, in the midst of discussing transparency surrounding ongoing district projects, sternly admonished Zakkour for attempting to interject. In response, she defiantly raised her left arm while shouting “Oh, Sieg Heil,” signaling her discontent with what she deemed as Patry’s authoritarian style of leadership.

Shortly after this incident, Patry made an unexpected announcement, declaring his resignation from the school board, effective immediately. His decision took the board by surprise, leaving them to grapple with the abrupt leadership change. Patry, in an effort to ensure a smooth transition, proposed Amber Drum, the current Vice President, to take over as the new board president. However, Zakkour interjected with inquiries about Drum’s role and term, adding further tension to the already charged atmosphere.

The motivations behind Patry’s sudden departure remain uncertain, leaving room for speculation about the possible connection to Zakkour’s symbolic protest. Tipp City, situated just north of Dayton, boasts a student body that is predominantly white, as reported by

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The incident serves as a stark reminder of the sensitivity surrounding such gestures and expressions. It also raises critical questions about the boundaries of free speech and the appropriate conduct expected in formal board meetings.