At the scene of a fatal chocolate factory explosion that occurred in West Reading, cleanup work started on Tuesday. Seven people passed away overall by the blast at the R.M. Palmer Company on Friday.

A Pennsylvania lady, Betty Wright, who lives close to the deadly explosion site of the chocolate factory has filed a lawsuit against the corporation, blaming it on the incompetence of the workers.

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Who is Betty Wright?

The R.M. Palmer Company is being sued for negligence by the legal team at Morgan & Morgan. Betty Wright, a neighbor, filed the lawsuit on her behalf.

The company claims that Wright suffered severe and long-lasting injuries when she was thrown across a room and lifted off her feet as a result of the explosion. According to the lawsuit, the factory did not take adequate safety precautions to avert the tragedy. The lawsuit also claims that the explosion caused Wright to suffer cervical, lumbar, hip, and leg injuries as well as anxiety and the loss of goods and things.

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Wright claimed she had “a significant wage loss” and a reduction in her earning potential. She added that she was unable to enter her flat and possessions.

According to the lawsuit, she claims the business did not ‘properly inspect, repair and/or test the property to prevent this catastrophic explosion’. ” Proper maintenance, monitoring, inspection, and/or testing by [R. M. Palmer] would have revealed the existence of the potential explosive condition,” the complaint says.

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In the case, Wright argues that the corporation failed to inform her at any stage before the explosion of the “dangerous and explosive hazard that was present in or around her apartment which was in the zone of danger.” The lawsuit claims that she is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.