Former Disney Channel star Bridget Shergalis, alongside two others, was arrested for damaging an Israeli defense contractor’s offices during a pro-Palestine demonstration in New Hampshire.

Bridget Shergalis, known for her roles in Disney shows, found herself in legal trouble after participating in a demonstration supporting Palestine in New Hampshire. Alongside Calla Walsh and Sophie Marika Ross, Shergalis was arrested by Palestine Action US for damaging a building that housed Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense contractor.

Who is Bridget Shergalis?

Shergalis, born on December 28, 1989, in Los Angeles, gained fame for her roles in Disney’s So Random! and appearances in Shake it Up and Dog With a Blog. However, her recent actions have thrust her into a different spotlight.

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The trio was discovered on the roof of Elbit Systems’ building in Merrimack, New Hampshire, where they engaged in activities that led to felony charges, including rioting, sabotage, and attempted burglary. The building suffered damage, including broken windows and graffiti.

Calla Walsh, one of the protesters, is a 19-year-old activist associated with Palestine Action US, known for her involvement in leftist political activism. She faced criticism for her alleged ties to TikTok trends and a perceived lack of understanding of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Republican strategist Garrett Ventry commented on the incident, stating concerns about misinformation and a false equivalence between Israel and Palestine.

The arrested individuals face charges of varying degrees, with Walsh held on $20,000 bail. Despite facing serious allegations, Walsh claimed she was experiencing “political repression” and asserted that “Palestine will be free.”

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The incident raises questions about the boundaries of protest and activism, with authorities investigating the extent of the damage caused during the demonstration. As legal proceedings unfold, the former Disney star and her fellow protesters await the consequences of their actions.