Céline Semaan, the CEO of Slow Factory and a fashion designer based in NYC, expressed support for Gazans in the context of a post featuring an Israeli military vehicle. She captioned the image with the statement, “Resisting apartheid since 1948,” celebrating what she perceives as resistance against apartheid.

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Who is Céline Semaan?

Céline Semaan, a notable figure in the fashion industry and the CEO of Slow Factory, is a New York City-based fashion designer known for her work that often intersects with social and political issues. Her career has been marked by a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices within the fashion world.

As the head of Slow Factory, a design lab and sustainable fashion brand, Semaan has been a vocal advocate for environmentally conscious and socially responsible practices in the fashion industry. Slow Factory is recognized for its innovative approach to incorporating recycled and sustainable materials into its designs, challenging the traditional norms of the fashion world.

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Beyond her contributions to sustainable fashion, Céline Semaan has also engaged with social and political issues, using her platform to address matters of global concern. Notably, she gained attention for a post that celebrated Gazans in the aftermath of an Israeli military incident. The post featured an image of jubilant Gazans around an Israeli military vehicle, accompanied by the caption, “Resisting apartheid since 1948.” This expression of solidarity reflects Semaan’s engagement with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and her perspective on the historical context of resistance.