Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson is allegedly having an extra-marital affair with a woman named Dejah Lanee. He is married to Bria Anderson and two have two daughters – Paxton Anderson and Peyton Anderson.

Lanee on Friday posted pictures with Tim Anderson on her Instagram story, claiming that she spent her pregnancy with the MLB player. She further asked Bria ‘to kill the image’.

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“Dejah Lanee is one delusional ass girl. Ain’t no way you going that hard behind a married man. That man is not leaving his wife. Kept that baby to prove a point now you stuck with the point. It’s giving obsessed,” a Twitter user reacted.

“This dumb ass retarded ass bitch dejah lanee getting on my nerves bitch tryna prove a point she a successful side bitch , girl he is married we understand u love that nigga but stfu,” another one added.

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“This hoe @dejahlanee so dumb and miserable she just don’t know she providing enough evidence for the wife to get that bag then to come after her dumb ass when she done. Bria need to sue the Shit out of you leave you and them kids with none,” a third person tweeted.

Anderson’s wife Bria has not made any public comment on the White Sox star’s infidelity. She recently put up a picture with her husband on her Instagram story.

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“Boy, I love you on your worst day”, Bria captioned the Instagram Story.

The two got married in 2017. Their first daughter was born in 2016 and the second one in 2019. Earlier this year, Anderson posted a picture of his alleged child with Lanee on his Instagram story.