Dennis Parada, a treasure hunter, is claiming that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is covering up a Civil War-era trove of gold in Pennsylvania. He says that the agency searched the remote areas in Dents Run in 2018 and found the treasure trove, but he claims they did not report it. As per a Fox report, he is determined to expose the agency over this.

“We feel we were double-crossed and lied to,” he says, adding that the “truth will come out”. At the same time, Parada is quite open about the fact that he is looking for a finder’s fee for the potential discovery. After all, he is a treasure hunter!

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Who is Dennis Parada?

Dennis Parada is the founder of Finders Keepers, a treasure hunter’s organization based in Pennsylvania. Local mythology holds that an 1863 cargo of Union gold vanished on its route to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia and ended up in Dents Run. Dennis Parada engaged the FBI in a legal battle to compel the agency to turn over records of its excavation.

The FBI has long maintained that the dig at Dents Run, where they went after cutting-edge tests revealed tonnes of gold might be buried there, turned up nothing. But that is contrary to what Parada and his advisors, who have poured over the government papers for endless hours, think.

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The FBI’s conflict with Parada is being resolved in federal court, where the case’s presiding judge must determine whether the FBI must make its operational plan for the gold dig and other documents it wants to keep private and public. The FBI may be required by the judge to continue seeking more evidence to provide to the treasure hunter.