Derrick Van Orden, a Wisconsin Republican representative, got into a heated argument with some Senate pages on Wednesday night in the Capitol Rotunda. Teenagers in their senior year of high school serve as the Senate’s assistants called the Senate Pages. Rep. Van Orden allegedly yelled at the group after seeing them sleeping in the Rotunda.

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One of the Senate pages took the initiative to transcribe the conversation after the tense exchange between Republican Rep. Derrick Van Orden and the group of Senate pages on Wednesday night in the Capitol Rotunda.

According to a report from The Hill, Republican Rep. Derrick Van Orden used harsh and derogatory words during the altercation with the group of Senate pages in the Capitol Rotunda. “Wake the fuck up you little shits,” he allegedly said. What the fuck are you all doing? Get the fuck out of here. You are defiling the space you [pieces of shit].”

Who is Derrick Van Orden?

Derrick Francis Van Orden was born on September 15, 1969. He is an American politician, businessman, actor, and retired United States Navy SEAL. He represents Wisconsin’s third congressional district in the United States as a Republican Party member. Before entering politics, Van Orden had a career in the military, business, and entertainment.

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In the 2020 election, Ron Kind, the sitting Democrat in Wisconsin’s 3rd congressional district, narrowly defeated Van Orden, the Republican candidate. He was nominated once more to run for the seat in the 2022 election, and this time he was victorious, narrowly defeating Democratic candidate Brad Pfaff. With this victory, he was able to change the district’s party affiliation for the first time since 1994, becoming its representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Van Orden attended the “Stop the Steal” march on January 6 and was present when the subsequent incident took place that day at the US Capitol.

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He is married to Sarah Jane. The couple has four children and eight grandchildren.