Donna Hansbrough, a 68-year-old Lowe’s employee in Rincon, Georgia, lost her job for bravely getting involved in a robbery incident.

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She bravely made the decision to act after seeing three people trying to exit the business without paying while loading a cart with stolen goods. Unfortunately, the criminals continued to strike her in the face as a result of her intervention.

Who is Donna Hansbrough?

Donna Hansbrough is 68 years old. She was working at Lowe’s for the past 13 years. Recently, she was terminated from her job for violating company policy.

According to the Rincon Police Department, three people entered the business on June 25 and immediately started packing a cart with almost $2,000 worth of merchandise without any intention of paying for it. The 68-year-old employee heroically interfered by trying to stop them and seizing their cart as they tried to exit the store with the stolen goods.

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Tragically, one of the robbers attacked her physically in return, striking her three times in the face. Before the group was able to leave the business, Donna got a swollen black eye as a result of the altercation.

After the altercation at the Lowe’s in Rincon, Georgia, the police were able to detain Jarmar Lawton, one of the suspects involved. Two other people, Takyah Berry and Joseph Berry, who are niece and uncle, respectively, are still being sought after. In relation to the theft and assault at the store, Takyah and Joseph Berry are both still at large and wanted by the law.

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According to the Rincon Police Department, Donna Hansbrough’s employment at Lowe’s was terminated as a result of the event. The policy of the store, which forbids staff from attempting to intervene or take action in circumstances involving theft or potential risk, was broken by the employee, and she was fired as a result. Despite her brave efforts to apprehend the burglars and safeguard the store’s belongings, her actions violated business standards, which resulted in her termination from her position.