An Alabama physician is being severely criticized on social media for anti-semitic comments and extending support to Hamas. The man has been identified as Dr. Mark Mohammed Zahid.

After his actions were highlighted on social media, several people bashed him for his ideology against the Jews and for spreading hatred.

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Who is Dr. Mark Mohammed Zahid?

Dr. Mark Mohammed Zahid is reportedly an emergency room physician in Birmingham, Alabama. Zahid recently posted vile anti-Israel remarks, including support for Hamas, on a Facebook page for ER doctors.

Several X users slammed him for his actions and remarks and raised concerns on his ideology. One user wrote, “One way ticket to Gaza, to help them in the 10,000 hospitals there…”

“The hate on jewish people is growing irrespective of profession. The jewish community must have extreme caution.” another user wrote.

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One user wrote, “Why are these all doctors, nurses and therapists? Are today’s haters all drawn to healing so they can torture???”

Anti-Semitic acts and hostility towards Jews have drastically escalated in the US and around the world after the October 7 massacre and during the current conflict between Hamas and Israel. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reports that anti-Semitic occurrences in the US increased by almost 400% in the two weeks following the commencement of the Middle East crisis, which was sparked by a Hamas attack on Israel.

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Preliminary data from the ADL Center on Extremism shows that 312 acts of harassment, violence, and damage against Jews were reported in the US between October 7 and October 23. About 190 of these incidents were directly related to the ongoing confrontation between Israel and Hamas. The U.S. Justice Department has said that it is closely observing the growing threats made against Muslims and Jews in reaction to the violence that is intensifying.