Brooklyn College graduate Jawaria Tahir stirred controversy after tearing down posters of Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas, citing it as “Zionist propaganda.”

Who is Jawaria Tahir?

Jawaria Tahir (x/@canarymission)

In recent events, a graduate of Brooklyn College, Jawaria Tahir, has gained attention for her actions in Brooklyn. Tahir, holding a degree in psychology, was filmed removing posters depicting Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas. When questioned about her actions, she defended them by claiming the posters were “propaganda” and stated, “they got Zionist propaganda up here.”

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This incident comes amid a surge in antisemitic hate crimes in New York City. The NYPD reported 69 such crimes in October, marking a significant increase, particularly following Hamas’s invasion on October 7 and the subsequent conflict in Gaza. The data released by the police indicates a striking 214 percent rise compared to the same month last year.

October’s count stands out as the highest monthly total for antisemitic crimes since October 2021 when hate crimes spiked across various groups. Notably, 101 total hate crimes were reported in October, including eight anti-Muslim incidents. Although hate crimes overall have been decreasing throughout the year, antisemitic incidents have shown a stark contrast.

Some of the reported anti-Jewish incidents in October include a BB gun shooting targeting three Jewish men in Brooklyn, an Israeli student assaulted with a stick at Columbia University, and an incident in a Manhattan subway station where a man allegedly punched a woman because of her Jewish identity.

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Overall, since the beginning of the year, New York City has witnessed 232 antisemitic hate crimes, averaging an incident every 31 hours, according to NYPD data. However, it’s important to note that many incidents likely go unreported, as acknowledged by Jewish security groups. The actions of individuals like Jawaria Tahir contribute to the broader context of rising tensions and hate crimes in the city.