A young man was filmed physically assaulting a woman and multiple others during an anti-war protest at MIT.

Who is Yuval Mamana?

Yuval Mamana a junior student at MIT. He deleted his LinkedIn account after the video was circulated on social media.

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Israel is presenting evidence that Hamas is using hospitals as cover, sharing two videos from inside Gaza’s main children’s hospital, displaying weapons and explosives allegedly discovered in the medical center. Another video depicts a room where the military claims hostages were held. While the Health Ministry in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, disputes many assertions in the Israeli videos, it concedes that the footage originated from inside Al-Rantisi Specialized Hospital for Children in northern Gaza. Remaining patients and staff likely evacuated over the weekend amid Israeli forces’ encirclement.

The United States asserts intelligence indicating that Hamas has utilized hospitals, including Al-Shifa, as command centers and ammunition depots. John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, stated that this intelligence, sourced from American channels, supports Israel’s accusation, branding such actions by Hamas as war crimes.

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At Al-Shifa, Gaza City’s largest hospital, medical authorities buried numerous bodies in a mass grave on its premises due to decomposition, posing health risks. This underscores the worsening conditions at the facility amidst Israel’s military efforts against Hamas. The World Health Organization emphasized that Al-Shifa can no longer operate as a hospital due to severe shortages of electricity, fuel, and water. On Tuesday, it reiterated calls for a cease-fire. Reports from doctors and Gaza’s health ministry, led by Hamas, depict distressing conditions within the complex, with several other hospitals closing during the Israeli offensive.