Dr. Tariq Hilal, a board-certified sports and spine physician in Los Alamitos, CA, is receiving criticism for his recent antisemitic remarks on Facebook.

Who is Dr. Tariq Hilal?

Dr. Tariq Hilal (x/@stopantisemites)

Dr. Tariq Hilal, a board-certified sports and spine physician practicing in Los Alamitos, California, is currently facing criticism for using offensive language on his Facebook account. The controversy erupted when his social media posts came to light, in which he made derogatory remarks about Israelis, using terms like “pigs” and “baby killers,” and drawing disturbing comparisons between Zionism and Nazism.

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According to reports, Dr. Hilal’s posts contained offensive remarks about Israelis, suggesting that they were insensitive towards children’s deaths and questioning the use of tax money to support them. The comments have raised alarm, especially considering his professional position in delivering healthcare.

Dr. Hilal has an extensive professional background that encompasses completing his medical education and training, obtaining a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree, and specializing in sports and spine medicine. He works at South Coast Sports and Spine Medicine in Los Alamitos.

The controversy surrounding Dr. Hilal’s remarks has sparked concerns about the appropriateness of such statements, particularly coming from a healthcare professional. Patients of the Jewish faith are being advised to take note of the remarks made by Dr. Hilal.

This incident contributes to the increasing worries surrounding the surge in antisemitism, as evidenced by recent demonstrations and disturbances in California, where extremist groups from both ends of the political spectrum share alarming views about Jews. Lawmakers, such as Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel, who co-chairs the Legislative Jewish Caucus, are stressing the pressing importance of tackling antisemitism amidst the current climate of increased tensions.

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As the situation develops, there will be a lot of interest in how Dr. Hilal’s workplace responds and the wider consequences of professionals expressing controversial and discriminatory views on social media.