As per authorities looking into the Uvalde shooting, the gunman entered Robb Elementary School through a door that was propped open by a teacher. 

Within a few days, the assertion made by Col. Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, was withdrawn.

Instead, the door had been closed by the teacher, according to DPS officials, but for some reason, it did not lock, even though it was intended to. Teacher Emilia Marin said she was wrongly blamed.

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Who is Emilia Marin?

Emilia “Amy” Marin, is a school teacher who worked as a speech pathologist in the special education program at Robb Elementary, Uvalde Texas. Marin is a native of San Angelo, about 200 miles north of Uvalde.

Marin struggles with post-traumatic stress from the shooting and its aftermath. Speaking with ABC News about her post-traumatic stress, Marin said, “Right now, I’m lost. Sometimes I go into a dark place. And it’s hard when I’m there, but I tell myself, ‘you can’t let him win. You can’t let him win. I’m a fighter. I will be okay. I’m going to learn to live with this.”

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Marin is married and has a daughter. 

“I am suffering mentally, of course, emotionally, I am suffering from post-traumatic arthritis, which is very painful. There are nights when everybody goes to bed and I just stay awake with the pain and my daughter tells me. Mom, soak in the tub. And I tell her I can’t because I can’t get out. I sit there at night, replaying that day in my mind,” she added.

Marin is also disappointed at how the police handled the Uvalde shooting. She said, “There was shooting and it wouldn’t stop. He just kept shooting and shooting, I looked around and I hid under the counter. The whole time I am asking the operator, ‘Where are the cops? Where are the cops?”

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Administration let us down. They failed us. He could have defended me. He knew who ‘the teacher’ was and chose not to.It makes no sense when you have dedicated your life to working for the district,” Marin added.