UPenn student Eyal Yakoby exposes antisemitic harassment, detailing classmates and professors chanting for the genocide of Jews and personal attacks.

Who is Eyal Yakoby?

Eyal Yakoby, a University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) student, has come forward with alarming instances of antisemitic harassment on campus. Yakoby reports that he, along with many others on campus, sought refuge in their rooms as classmates and professors chanted for the genocide of Jews.

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“I should not be here today…I should be taking in my senior year of college. I am because 36 hours ago, I, along with most of campus, sought refuge in our rooms as classmates and professors chanted proudly for the genocide of Jews,” Yakoby shared.

In addition to these disturbing chants, Yakoby highlights the derogatory comments he faced, such as being called a “dirty little Jew.” He further reveals a concerning atmosphere where wearing clothing or accessories related to Judaism was discouraged, prompting him to reflect on the implications of such restrictions.

Yakoby’s account has sparked a broader conversation about antisemitism at UPenn. The university’s administration has faced criticism for its perceived silence in the face of these incidents, raising questions about the effectiveness of their response to such hateful behavior.

As the issue gains national attention, leaders from UPenn, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will testify before lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Alumni and donors, citing incidents of antisemitism, express dissatisfaction with the universities’ efforts to create a safe learning environment for Jewish students.

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The hearing before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce seeks to address responses to protests following the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas. It serves as a platform to scrutinize campus leaders and demand action against antisemitism on college campuses.