TikTok user, Felix Cipher, has come under a lot of controversies after they posted alarming videos wearing the Nazi symbol. They even claimed to be the reincarnation of the German dictator, Hitler. Cipher is supposedly removed from all social media platforms. However, videos and photos are taking rounds on the internet even now.

The TikToker posted content that alarmed a number of users online. In the first video, they posed with a large septum nose ring. The ring had a striking resemblance to Hitler and thus initiated the ongoing controversy thus forward. Along with the nose ring, Felix was also seen wearing a grey military jacket with a clearly visible pin inscribed with the German Imperial Eagle or Reichsadler.

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Who is Felix Cipher?

Felix Cipher is a TikTok user and social media influencer from Colorado. They joined TikTok in 2021 and have been posting trending content since then. Not much is known about Cipher’s personal life. They are reportedly a trans person. Cipher has posted a number of videos with snakes and has a lot of them.

Cipher became a trending meme and hashtag after they cosplayed Adolf Hitler. They posted a video with a nose ring that made it appear like Hitler’s toothbrush mustache. Piled on to that, their military outfit and Nazi-era pins gave an alarming resemblance to the German dictator causing widespread outrage online. They have been reportedly removed from all social media channels including TikTok, YouTuber, etc. following the outrage.

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Cipher has also talked about the Nazi ideology openly. They have even titled themself “the reincarnation of Hitler”. The videos have now been deleted and the account has been banned.