In a shocking incident that sent shivers through the King of Prussia Walmart parking lot, Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr., a 52-year-old resident of Pennsylvania, stands accused of a sinister plan to kidnap, rape, and murder his estranged wife. The unsettling episode unfolded on Sunday morning, around 10:45 a.m., leaving investigators astounded by the disturbing details that emerged.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office reported that the suspect, Kay-Conway, allegedly stabbed his soon-to-be ex-wife multiple times in the leg. Prompt response from the Upper Merion Township police ensued after receiving reports of a domestic assault in progress. The victim managed to escape her car and was found in the Walmart parking lot, setting the stage for a dramatic arrest.

Law enforcement quickly apprehended Kay-Conway in a nearby parking lot. Disturbingly, he was carrying a large metal pick in his sweatshirt pocket and possessed black zip ties fashioned like handcuffs. The ominous contents discovered inside his pickup truck added another layer of horror to the unfolding events.

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Who is Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr.?

As the investigation delves into the background of the accused, a troubling pattern of stalking and premeditated violence begins to emerge.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office revealed that Kay-Conway had a history of stalking, with an arrest on October 31 preceding the foiled attempt. A court order issued after this arrest contained a chilling note at the bottom, hinting at the suspect’s malevolent intentions. The note stated, “I have 1.5 months to kill that b—-. Could have killed her 17 times if I wanted. What a weak system.”

Inside the suspect’s pickup truck, investigators unearthed a trove of disturbing items, including piercing tools, a blindfold, duct tape, knives, pliers, and other ominous tools. Notably, one piercing tool bore the victim’s name, adding a deeply personal and sinister dimension to the case.

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A two-page note, sealed in a manila envelope and labeled “read last,” detailed the suspect’s sinister plot. It began with the assertion that both the suspect and the victim were dead by the time the note was read. The chilling contents outlined how Kay-Conway had systematically stalked his estranged wife, revealing a deeply disturbing narrative.