John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced George Clooney among the recipients for the 45th Kennedy Center Honors. One of the most popular actors of his generation, Clooney has received a plethora of awards in his career and the July 21 announcement added yet another feather to his cap.

However, while Clooney has been one of the most popular Hollywood stars in the earlier years of the century, he has taken up a more active role in filmmaking recently. While many of today’s generation knows Clooney by his reputation, they have little clue about the person Clooney is, his notable work and more. Let’s take a look at George Clooney and what his contribution has been till now to film.

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Born on May 6, 1961 in Lexinton, Kentucky in the US, George picked up interest in acting and films quickly from his parents. His mother, Nina was a beauty queen while his father, Nick, was a television presenter. 

After high school graduation, Clooney tried to play professional baseball with Cincinnati Reds, however, failed. After that, he attended Northern Kentucky University and University of Cincinnati, dropping out from both and began working odd jobs as a source of income.

Soon after, Clooney appeared in his first role as an extra in a mini-series Centennial in 1978. His first major role arrived in 1984, when he appeared in a CBS series E/R. Soon after, he began appearing for major sitcoms on television.

His first major role on film came at From Dusk till Dawn, which was a box office hit at the time. After that, he appeared in One Fine Day, The Peacemaker, Batman & Robin, Out of Sight, and Three Kings.

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He has since then gone on to appear in films such as Gravity, Ocean’s Series, Argo and many other popular films. Clooney has since won two Academy Awards, a BAFTA and Golden Globe Award each. The American star was awarded the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

He has also directed several films like The Good German, There Will Be Blood and The American.

Clooney was a vocal supporter of former US President Barack Obama and supported Hillary Clinton in her Presidential campaign. He is also a supporter of current US President Joe Biden.