An NYU student who removed posters depicting Israeli hostages has voiced complaints about facing consequences, including suspension from school, the withdrawal of her scholarship, and the impending eviction from campus dormitories next semester.

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Who is Hafiza Khalique?

Hafiza Khalique, who uses she/they pronouns, stands as a dedicated queer community organizer within the South Asian diaspora. Born and raised on the ancestral lands of the Anishinaabe, known today as Detroit, Hafiza is a first-year student at New York University, where she anticipates pursuing a major in Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Her journey into community organizing began with a focus on education justice through abolitionist initiatives. Hafiza took a lead role in a campaign aimed at de-policing Detroit schools, emphasizing the need for transformative change. Collaborating with fellow student organizers, she aimed to build resistance and advocate for educational environments that prioritize justice.

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Hafiza’s commitment extends to making her school district more inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ+ individuals. Over the past few years, she has dedicated her time to fostering LGBTQ+ inclusivity within the educational system and advocating for the incorporation of ethnic studies into district-wide curricula.

Her advocacy encompasses various social justice issues, including education justice, reproductive justice, sex education, and abolitionist organizing. Currently serving as an Anti-Militarist Organizing Fellow at Dissenters, Hafiza continues her community organizing efforts at New York University. Her focus revolves around fostering community engagement, building resistance, and contributing to the collective liberation of all peoples.