Amidst the aftermath of the brutal events that unfolded in Israel on October 7th, Columbia University found itself at the center of a controversy as it grappled with the proposed “CCSW4Palestine” event. This gathering, billed as a “counteroffensive teach-in,” sought to address the tragic events that transpired on October 7th, where around 1,500 militants launched an attack on Israel, resulting in the loss of numerous lives and the taking of hostages.

On the CCSW4Palestine Instagram page, images surfaced, revealing students engaged in another “teach-in,” sparking concerns and debates within the university community. The controversy reached a point where the Columbia University School of Social Work ultimately decided to cancel the event, stating that it was not approved.

Who is Heather Chen?

Heather Chen has emerged as one of the organizers behind the contentious “counteroffensive teach-in” in response to the October 7th massacre in Israel. As a freshman at Columbia University, Chen has been actively involved in various endeavors, both within and outside the university campus.

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Chen’s professional journey includes her current role as a Campaign Program Intern at Sunrise Movement, a grassroots organization focused on climate advocacy. She has also contributed as a freelance writer for, showcasing her versatility and engagement in different spheres. Chen holds the position of Deputy Sports Editor at the Columbia Daily Spectator, further highlighting her commitment to journalistic pursuits.

Her involvement as a Campaign Fellow for Andy Levin for Congress and her current enrollment as a freshman at Columbia University demonstrate a passion for social and political engagement. The combination of her experiences suggests a well-rounded individual with a keen interest in contributing to various causes.

Heather Chen is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at Columbia University, entering as a freshman in August 2022. Prior to her university journey, she attended Bloomfield Hills High School, where her passion for activism and engagement likely began to take shape.

While her educational background provides insight into her academic journey, it is essential to recognize the multifaceted nature of her involvement. From sports journalism to political campaign work, Chen’s diverse experiences hint at a person who actively seeks opportunities to make a difference.

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The controversy surrounding the CCSW4Palestine event is set against the backdrop of the tragic events that unfolded on October 7th. Following the surprise attack by Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants, tensions escalated, leading to an intensive Israeli campaign involving air strikes and a ground invasion.