Rhea Biswas, an instructor at the Texas Debate Collective, recently garnered attention for disrupting a Congressional meeting on Jew hatred. The Houston native, dressed provocatively with red hands symbolizing blood and a “Cease fire now” T-shirt, aimed to draw attention to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Who is Rhea Biswas?

Rhea Biswas, associated with the Texas Debate Collective, has a diverse background. She served as an English Second Language Instructor at English Pour Tout Le Monde in Paris, where she led courses for adult students with refugee or asylum-seeker status. Additionally, she worked as a legal intern at the Fort Bend Public Defender’s Office, aiding in misdemeanor and felony trials.

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As an organizing intern for the Sri For Congress Campaign, Rhea conducted multilingual voter outreach, led Get Out to Vote sessions, and advocated for voter registration. Her academic journey includes pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs at The George Washington University and International & Comparative Politics at The American University of Paris.

Rhea’s disruptive action in Washington D.C. has sparked discussions about the appropriate means of addressing global conflicts and the impact of such actions on public discourse.

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The disruptive incident occurred amid escalating tensions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, marked by a surprise attack on Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants. The conflict has resulted in casualties and hostage situations, leading to international concern and calls for a ceasefire.