American University junior Jack MacCallum sparks controversy by tearing down posters raising awareness of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in a series of deadly attacks.

In a filmed incident on November 8, 2023, MacCallum was captured ripping down posters displaying information about Israeli civilians, including women and children, who had been kidnapped by Hamas during a wave of terror attacks on October 7, 2023.

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Who is Jack MacCallum?

The actions of Jack MacCallum, a junior at American University (AU) in Washington, D.C., are under scrutiny after he was filmed tearing down posters meant to raise awareness about Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. 

The posters detailed the horrifying events that unfolded on October 7, 2023, when Hamas executed a series of terror attacks and war crimes, resulting in over 1,200 Israelis dead, hundreds kidnapped, and thousands wounded. The victims included women and children, and the crimes committed by Hamas encompassed mass murder, torture, rape, and beheadings.

In response to these heinous acts, Israel initiated a war termed “Swords of Iron” to address the threat posed by Hamas. The international community has designated Hamas as a terrorist organization, with accusations of killing thousands of Israeli civilians through mass shootings and suicide bombings. Additionally, Hamas has been implicated in the kidnapping of children, families, and the elderly, holding them hostage in Gaza. The organization has also been responsible for desecrating dead bodies and launching numerous rocket attacks targeting Israeli civilians.

The incident involving Jack MacCallum tearing down the posters occurred on November 8, 2023, in Washington, D.C. After dismantling one of the posters, MacCallum addressed onlookers, saying, “Have a beautiful night, guys.”

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As of September 2023, MacCallum is listed online as a junior at AU, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. His actions have ignited discussions about the appropriate response to differing opinions on international conflicts and the role of activism on college campuses.