Rep. Lauren Boebert should not bear the blame for her indiscretion at the theater; rather, her estranged husband should be held accountable for arousing her desires as a woman, asserted Jayson Boebert, who is currently in the midst of divorcing the Colorado congresswoman. In a Facebook post on Monday, he defended his soon-to-be ex-wife and urged people not to criticize Lauren for her actions, but instead to direct their attention towards him.

In a message directed at RLB’s constituents, he stated, “I am writing to address the deep concerns circulating. Watching the attacks against Lauren, I feel the people should know the truth of our broken marriage and burden she has carried for too long.”

Jayson went on to commend Lauren as an exceptional mother, wife, and grandmother. He acknowledged her role as a wonderful spouse and partner during their marriage, but he also acknowledged that he had shattered her trust through infidelity, which he appears to attribute as the reason for her decision to file for divorce in May.

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Who is Jayson Boebert?

Jayson Boebert, 42 years old, initially crossed paths with Lauren in 2003. He currently holds a position as a consultant at Boebert Consulting. Jayson attended the College of Southern Nevada.

The combined net worth of Jayson and Lauren Boebert is estimated to be around $500,000. After their marriage, the couple relocated to a residence in Rifle, Colorado.

In 2004, Jayson faced legal issues when he pleaded guilty to charges of public indecency and lewd exposure. As a result, he received a four-year jail sentence along with two years of probation.

Lauren Boebert and Jayson Boebert first crossed paths in 2003 when they were 16 and 22 years old, respectively. Lauren was employed at Burger King at the time, and their initial encounter occurred when Jayson arrived at the restaurant for lunch with his colleagues.

Before tying the knot, Lauren gave birth to their son, Tyler, in March 2005. Initially, the couple had plans to marry four months after their initial meeting, but those plans were put on hold because Lauren was only 16 years old. They attempted to get married at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas but found out they needed to wait until Lauren turned 17.

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Eventually, they married in June 2005 and ventured into the restaurant business, opening Shooters Grill in 2013, a gun-themed eatery. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed in 2022 after failing to renew its lease. In 2020, Lauren Boebert made history by becoming the first woman to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, and the couple celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary around the same time.

Jayson and Lauren Boebert have four children: Tyler, Brody, Kaydon, and Roman, though specific birthdates for these children have not been disclosed.