Harvard professor John Comaroff has been accused of sexual harassment by at least 3 female graduate students, thereby eliciting a walk-out protest from his students in response on January 24, 2023.

Over a hundred students walked out of his class, rallying against his reinstatement this semester after he was suspended this month, last year due to a violation of the university’s guidelines on sexual harassment and professional conduct policies.

Allegations against him include forced kissing, groping, inappropriate comments, and retaliation.

The professor, who teaches African American studies at the university, was surprised by students walking out of his first class one by one, chanting “Justice for survivors,” and “No more Comaroff, no more complicity.”

According to the campus paper “The Crimson”, the protest was orchestrated by Our Harvard Can Do Better, and the grad union’s Feminist Working Group.

Lilia Kilburn, one of the three original complainants, tweeted her gratitude for the organizers, “As someone who experienced Comaroff’s misconduct first hand, I am so grateful to see others spreading the word. This direct action is essential because Harvard only announced its sanctions against Comaroff to two departments. But everyone needs information and safety.”

Comaroff’s lawyer, Ruth O’Meara-Costello released a statement on behalf of him, urging for his immediate release. “The plaintiffs’ amended complaint makes numerous other lurid allegations. Of those, some were investigated, very thoroughly, and found to be unsupported by the evidence. (In particular, Harvard’s investigation found Professor Comaroff not responsible for allegations that he kissed or improperly touched Ms. Kilburn.) The remainder have not been proved or even investigated, and their credibility is extremely doubtful. Many are alleged only upon “information and belief,” meaning upon second-hand information. The vast majority lack any identifying detail,” the statement remarked.

“It is shocking that an employee union is calling for a Harvard employee to be summarily punished and cast out of the university community based upon allegations that the university’s process found him not responsible for or that have never been investigated.”