A huge collection of photographs from Hunter Biden’s laptop have been made public via a newly launched website. The photos were uploaded on a platform, known as BidenLaptopMedia.com, containing approximately 10,000 photos lasting the years 2008 to 2019.

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As the photos went public, Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell reportedly deposed John Paul Mac Issac.

Who is John Paul Mac Isaac?

John Paul Mac Isaac is an owner of a computer repair shop in Delaware. As per media reports, Isaac turned in a laptop belonging to US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden to authorities on Thursday in Delaware.

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The deposition is part of a countersuit that Hunter Biden’s team has filed against Mac Isaac. The team alleged Isaac of illegally distributing Hunter’s personal data. He was also accused of six counts related to privacy invasion.

In 2020, Isaac claimed that Hunter Biden dropped three laptops at his store, out of which only one was recovered. He claimed that the laptop was never picked up by anyone.

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Beneath Delaware law, the laptop became Isaac’s property after no one came to pick it up. After this, he discovered sensitive material while going through the data. However, Hunter’s team argued that he only had a right to the hardware.

Isaac also claimed that the FBI made a forensic copy of the laptop, and then confiscated it. However, he did not provide anything to members of Congress despite several requests.

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John Paul Mac Isaac has repeatedly been accused of being a “Russian asset”, and was fighting legal battles with several media organizations. Issac in a statement said, “It was pretty quick out of the gate that I was labeled a hacker and then, after Adam Schiff and 51 intelligence experts decided to pen a letter and tell the rest of the American people I was a Russian asset, things have gone downhill from there.”, as reported by Fox News.