A suspected squatter in Bonita Springs, Florida, found herself in handcuffs after authorities discovered her living in a multimillion-dollar home, wearing the homeowner’s clothing, and enjoying a sandwich.

Who is Luisa Villa?

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office apprehended Luisa Villa, 54, on a Monday afternoon while the actual homeowner was absent, as reported by NBC 2. The unusual situation came to light when a maintenance worker attending to the residence noticed a suitcase in the kitchen and heard a dog barking inside, prompting a call to authorities.

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Deputies promptly converged on the upscale beachfront property located along Hickory Boulevard and cautiously entered the premises. Inside, they stumbled upon Villa, who was apparently savoring a sandwich. Adding to the bizarre scene, she was wearing an Athleta dress belonging to the homeowner and had her own small dog with her.

The residences in the vicinity command a hefty price, with Zillow listings reviewed by Fox News Digital indicating prices around $1 million for apartments. The sheriff’s office described the property where the incident occurred as a multimillion-dollar home.

Villa, who reportedly resides in Fort Myers, attempted to convince deputies that she was the rightful owner of the beach house and even presented forged documents claiming she had recently purchased the property. Her audacity left neighbors bewildered, given the normally safe nature of the area and the fact that houses there are regularly checked.

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One resident, Bruce Broskie, expressed his surprise at the police presence and the audacious attempt to fraudulently occupy the house, noting the frequent monitoring of properties in the neighborhood. The case of the sandwich-eating squatter in the luxurious beachfront home remains an unusual and puzzling incident in the otherwise tranquil community.