A 31-year-old man from Leicester was taken into custody in Haverhill in relation to the death of a woman at a massage parlor in Worcester. The man has been identified as Marcel Santos-Padgett.

His arrest came after the police issued a warrant after finding the body of a woman at 383 Pleasant St. on Thursday.

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Who is Marcel Santos-Padgett?

Marcel Santos-Padgett is 31 years old. He is a resident of Leicester. According to the arrest warrant, he is accused of assault with the intent to kill in relation to the shooting at Angies Bodywork Spa, which is located at 383 Pleasant St. 

Prior to 11:40 a.m., first responders were called to the scene of a “suspicious” incident, according to earlier police reports, and their attempts to resuscitate the victim were unsuccessful.

A man approached the arriving officers and informed them of the presence of an unconscious woman. Before Worcester EMS could arrive and declare her dead, the officers gave her medical attention. The woman’s identity is still unknown as of right now.

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According to court documents, during the incident, Santos-Padgett allegedly pointed a gun “at the head of a known victim and pulled the trigger.” Authorities have disclosed the victim’s identity without revealing it.

According to court documents, law enforcement recognized Santos-Padgett as a suspect based on security footage that provided them with a “clear” image of him. Moreover, he was identified by license plates on a nearby car that were registered in his name.

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Angies Bodywork Spa was shut after the incident; the massage parlor is currently listed on Google as permanently closed.

No further information regarding the shooting, including a motive or the relationship between Santos-Padgett and the victim, has been made public as of yet. According to a Worcester police spokesperson on Friday, Santos-Padgett may be charged with more crimes as part of the ongoing probe.