New York realtor Margaret Kochman faces backlash for hurling threats, including a chilling call for violence, during a Zionist protest.

Who is Margaret Kochman?

In a shocking incident in Hicksville, NY, Margaret Kochman, a realtor associated with Coldwell Banker, verbally assaulted a mother and her small children. The disturbing encounter involved explicit threats such as “You need to be cooked in the oven. You need to get raped.” Kochman’s actions have sparked outrage, leading to calls for accountability.

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The incident gained attention on social media platforms, prompting users to express their concerns about Kochman’s behavior. A Twitter account, @StopZionistHate, shared information on how individuals can voice their grievances, including contacting Kochman’s office, providing customer feedback, and reporting the incident to relevant authorities.

Several online platforms, including Google reviews and the Long Island Board of Realtors, have become spaces for people to share their negative experiences with Kochman. One review describes her as “rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful,” highlighting a particularly unpleasant encounter during an open house.

In response to the public outcry, and after multiple emails and messages to the company, Coldwell Banker Distinctive Homes severed ties with Kochman, emphasizing their commitment to a culture of dignity and respect. The real estate company made it clear that they do not tolerate incidents of racism, discrimination, hate speech, or violence, and the agents involved in the disturbance are no longer affiliated with the company.

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As the community condemns such behavior, questions arise about the responsibility of companies and institutions to address incidents of hate speech among their employees and the broader implications for fostering a culture of inclusivity.