A man was charged with destroying government property after allegedly shooting bullets at a federal courtroom in Tennessee.

According to court filings, Mark Thomas Reno is accused of firing at the federal building in Knoxville on July 3 and smashing three windows. Reno was remanded in custody on the sole charge during a detention hearing on Thursday.

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Reno was under surveillance as part of an undercover investigation, according to an FBI affidavit, and a tracking device revealed his vehicle at the federal building at the time bullets were fired. According to the affidavit, security cameras on the federal building captured video of the vehicle as well.

According to an undercover FBI agent who met with Reno before the structure was damaged, the defendant attended the January 2021 U.S. Capitol riots, although there is no indication he broke any laws.

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According to the affidavit, Reno is a member of an organisation whose aim is to fight actions that challenge Catholic dogma, and he has made a number of statements about identifying targets and destroying property, including government facilities.

According to the request, Reno met an undercover agent at a “public event in Knoxville” in January. The agent did not elaborate. Reno met with an undercover agent again on April 26 at a “public gathering in Knoxville” as part of an “ongoing investigation.” The nature of the continuing investigation is not specified in the warrant.

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The agent secretly recorded the April 26 encounter. Reno told the undercover agent that he “was part of a group called the Church Militant Resistance,” a Catholic paramilitary group that aims to “resist actions that oppose the Catholic Orthodoxy and decency,” Mann wrote.

Reno “made a number of statements about identifying targets and destroying property, including government buildings” during the same conference.

Reno will be represented by a federal public defender. They did not immediately make a comment on Friday.