Vermont State Trooper Michelle Archer’s swift response saved an 8-year-old girl who fell through ice into a frigid pond in Cambridge, Vermont.

Who is Michelle Archer?

Vermont State Trooper Michelle Archer demonstrated exceptional bravery and skill in rescuing an 8-year-old girl who had fallen through the ice of a pond in Cambridge, Vermont. The incident occurred on December 17 when the child and her younger sister were playing near the frozen pond on private property. The 80-year-old homeowner managed to pull the younger girl to safety but couldn’t reach the older sister, prompting a 911 call.

Michelle Archer (x/@collinrugg)

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Trooper Archer, nearby at the time, arrived in less than five minutes. Using a rope and flotation device from her cruiser, she swam to the girl and successfully brought her back to shore. A second trooper assisted in carrying the child to an awaiting ambulance. The girl was initially treated for injuries at the University of Vermont Medical Center, where she made a complete recovery and has since returned home.

Archer’s heroic actions, captured on body camera footage released by the Vermont State Police, have earned her commendation from the police leadership. Both Trooper Archer and Trooper Keith Cote, along with the homeowner, have been recommended to receive the agency’s Lifesaving Award for their selfless conduct during the dramatic rescue.

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Archer, reflecting on the incident, described the instinctive nature of her response, citing the influence of her training. The successful rescue highlights the importance of law enforcement preparedness and quick thinking in responding to emergencies, ultimately safeguarding lives in critical situations.