George County Deputy Jeremy Malone was fatally shot during a traffic stop, prompting a car chase that ended with the suspect’s death.

Who was Jeremy Malone?

George County Deputy Jeremy Malone lost his life in the line of duty during a tragic incident. The deputy initiated a routine traffic stop around 5:15 p.m. on U.S. Route 98 in Rocky Creek, where he was shot by the suspect. The event unfolded in front of a Dollar General store, as captured in footage aired by WLOX-TV, revealing a significant police presence.

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The suspect, yet to be identified, fled the scene, leading law enforcement on a pursuit out of George County. The chase traversed Greene County into Perry County, concluding with the suspect being fatally shot on U.S. 98 near Beaumont, as reported by WLOX-TV.

George County Sheriff Mitchell Mixon expressed condolences, urging support for Deputy Malone’s family and the entire sheriff’s office community. Mixon, newly elected and recently sworn into office, faces the tragic incident early in his tenure.

The Mississippi Department of Investigations will oversee the inquiries into both the shooting of Deputy Malone and the subsequent death of the suspect. Governor Tate Reeves confirmed Deputy Malone’s death through a social media post, emphasizing the state’s gratitude for law enforcement officers who risk their lives daily.

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Deputy Jeremy Malone’s sacrifice adds to a grim statistic, with over 300 officers in Mississippi having lost their lives in the line of duty, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page. The incident highlights the inherent risks officers face during routine tasks like traffic stops, underscoring the importance of ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of law enforcement personnel across the state.