Heuermann, a 59-year-old father of two, was apprehended last week after a trove of evidence, including data from cell phone tower sites, DNA from hairs left at the crime scene, and an internet search history replete with torture porn, helped federal, state, and local detectives connect him to the Gilgo Beach murders.

Who is Nikki Brass?

Nikkie Brass, who was in her mid-20s at the time, slammed on the breaks during what she refers to as her “date” with Rex Heuermann, the man accused of killing sex workers and leaving their bodies to decay in the underbrush next to a bayfront highway on Long Island, New York.

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As she put it in a TikTok post from Monday through her account, @your_recovery_stylist, he “really weirded me out.” 

“I didn’t want dessert,” she remembered of hightailing it out of dinner.

Brass, 34, joked to Insider on Tuesday that she had met him on “one of the sketchy sites, back then,” referring to the online dating sites she frequently used when residing on Long Island.

The mother and hair stylist, who now calls New England home, explained her decision to come forward to Insider and Good Morning America, which will include an interview with her on Wednesday morning. “I just want girls to understand how dangerous those sites can be,” she said.

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Brass, like many Long Islanders, kept a close eye on the Gilgo Beach serial murder case, which involved four young, attractive sex workers who were all in their 20s and whose killings prosecutors claim were the work of one client, Manhattan architect Heuermann.

He knew about a victim whose death, at the time of their date, hadn’t been publicized yet, she said.

“So, I don’t really know where to totally begin with this,” Brass began, nervously describing the date in Monday’s TikTok post.

“It was anywhere from 2014 to 2016,” she said.

She wrote on Monday that they had met “at a place in Port Jeff,” referring to Port Jefferson, which was 50 miles from Massapequa Park, where Heuermann resided with his family.

She claimed that Heuermann began rambling about his familiarity with the case. And he was quite knowledgeable, including, according to her, “about a body that wasn’t yet announced on the news.”