A man named Niko Enciso was detained on Monday after it was discovered that he may have shot his older brother in an apartment close to Maryland Avenue and 12th Street. 

According to court records, Niko Enciso’s brother was asleep in their apartment at around 4:30 a.m. when Enciso woke him up and told him to go to his own room. The two people then started arguing and it got worse as they went from the living room to the kitchen. Eventually, the argument got physical.

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Who is Niko Enciso?

Niko Enciso is 33 years old. After being detained by law police, Enciso is now facing a number of accusations, including second-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault with physical injury, and firing a firearm within city limits.

According to the court documents, Enciso told the police that during the altercation, a metal cooking pan hit him on the head four times, injuring him. After these strikes, according to Enciso, he gathered some of his possessions, including a 12-gauge shotgun hidden behind a couch, and left the residence.

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Enciso waited near the back door of the building before leaving and saw his brother approaching with a “metal gas stove burner.” According to the court documents, Enciso thought his brother was going to throw the object at him, so he pulled the trigger on his shotgun. The explosion injured his brother’s abdomen. 

The document further stated that Enciso was detained on-site without encountering any resistance, while his brother was rushed to the hospital and is still being intubated owing to his grave condition.

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Enciso, who is accused of two counts of aggravated assault, one crime of firing a gun inside city limits, and one case of second-degree murder, was detained on a $100,000 bail.