A woman in Cleveland, Ohio, identified as Mackenzie Shirilla, has been held responsible for the deaths of her boyfriend and a friend.

The conviction includes an automatic life sentence without the chance of parole for 15 years, which was announced on Monday before the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

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Who is Mackenzie Shirilla?

Mackenzie Shirilla is 19 years old. She had been charged with murder, felonious assault, aggravated vehicular homicide, narcotics possession, and having criminal tools, according to court documents.

She was 17 years old when the tragic accident occurred and could potentially receive a life sentence in prison after a judge determined her guilt on numerous counts of murder in connection with the July 2022 fatalities of Dominic Russo, 20, and Davion Flanagan, 19.

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As per media reports, Mackenzie Shirilla, Dominic Russo, and Davion Flanagan smoked marijuana together on the night of the incident. This resulted in the presence of THC in Shirilla’s system exceeding the legal limit in Ohio. The crash happened on July 31, 2022, that resulted in the deaths of Dominic Russo and Davion Flanagan.

Mackenzie Shirilla was traveling through the Progress Drive Business Park in Strongsville at around 5:30 a.m. She was driving her car up until she got onto Alameda Drive, according to surveillance footage. She then abruptly increased her speed to 100 mph, slammed the car into a building, and the airbags went off.

The case’s presiding judge, Nancy Margaret Russo, said that Shirilla’s acceleration suggested a purposeful action. The car appeared to be in control despite traveling at a fast pace, according to the prosecution.

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The prosecution cited statements Shirilla made in the weeks preceding the collision, which included a video of her arguing with her boyfriend and even threatening to harm his car. Shirilla also displayed feelings of “grief, guilt, and shame,” according to the medical professionals who treated her following the accident. These feelings, according to the prosecution, demonstrated a “consciousness of guilt” on her part.