Suspect of the California home execution-style murder case, Noah David Beard, has pleaded “not guilty” on Wednesday. Beard is one of the two alleged gang members who were involved in the given case. The other accused, Angel “Nanu” Uriarte is hospitalized in custody after he was wounded during a shootout between him and the federal agents last week.

The brutal killing of a mother and her baby along with four others happened on January 16. Police has reported that the attack was “an intentional slaughter and massacre”. According to some reports, both parties, accused and the victims, are part of rival gangs. Beard was arrested following the murder and has been brought to court today.

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Who is Noah David Beard?

Beard is the lead suspect and gang member in the California home murder case. He and his alleged partner, 35-year-old Uriarte have been charged with six counts of murder and other crimes. Both suspects were allegedly involved in the murder of six members of the Parraz family including a 16-year-old mother and her 10-month-old baby. However, Beard has pleaded himself not guilty in the aforementioned case.

According to the police investigation thus far, Beard and Uriarte supposedly have ties to the Nuestra Familia prison gang. The two allegedly met in 2015 when Uriarte was convicted of assault with a firearm in association with a street gang while Beard was serving terms under juvenile convictions.

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Moreover, the victims family also have a long history of gang violence, similar to Beard and Uriarte. The motive of the shooting has not been identified, while Beard continues to deny his involvement. The 25-year-old suspect was arraigned Tuesday and is being held without bail, according to Tulare Country District Attorney’s Office. Beard was supposed to return to court on February 16th next.