Recent allegations of antisemitism have taken center stage as Noura Erakat, a professor at Rutgers University, suggested on MSNBC that Elon Musk, the entrepreneur, is antisemitic and harbors animosity towards Jews. The contentious remarks emerged following Musk’s visit to Israel and his tour of a site associated with a tragic event.

During her appearance on MSNBC, Erakat asserted that Elon Musk is antisemitic and holds a disdain for Jews. This claim stems from Musk’s recent visit to Israel, where he toured a site linked to a sensitive historical incident. The accusations, made on a mainstream media platform, have ignited discussions on social media and within the public sphere.

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While addressing the issue of antisemitism, Erakat expressed her views on Israel’s actions, stating that the country is engaged in what she called a “very clearly an ethnic cleansing campaign.” She further criticized the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), claiming they have not achieved anything and labeled them as “genocidal.” Erakat also referred to Palestinian prisoners as “hostages” during the interview.

Who is Noura Erakat?

Erakat, born in 1980, is an American legal scholar, human rights attorney, and an associate professor at Rutgers University, specializing in international studies with a focus on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Her activism extends beyond academia, and she has been involved in various boards and policy advisory groups.

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The allegations made by Erakat have sparked debates on social media, with supporters expressing concern about potential antisemitic sentiments, while others question the validity of the claims. Elon Musk has yet to respond to the accusations.