A woman from Pennsylvania named Patricia Kopta, who went missing and was presumed dead 31 years ago was found alive at a nursing home in Puerto Rico, according to her family and the authorities.

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Who is Patricia Kopta?

Patricia Kopta, also known as “The Sparrow,” was a Pittsburgh street preacher.

Brian Kohlhepp, the deputy police chief in Ross Township, stated that Patricia Kopta vanished in 1992 and that leads in her case had been pursued over the years.

“I come home one night and she’s just gone, and nobody knows where she is,” her husband Bob Kopta said.

She went lost in North Hills in 1992, according to Bob Kopta. Ross Township’s deputy police chief, Brian Kohlhepp, claimed that a social worker and an Interpol agent had recently been in touch with him. They thought they had located Kopta alive at an adult care facility 1,700 miles distant.

Kopta was brought to an adult care facility in June 1999 after being discovered to need care, according to the people who notified the police.

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Kopta allegedly declined to discuss her private life with anyone, according to Ross Township police. When she landed in Puerto Rico, she allegedly travelled there on a cruise ship from Europe. There is absolutely no proof that she was ever in Europe, according to investigators.

According to Ross Township police, missing Patricia Kopta refused to talk about her personal life with anyone. She claimed to have arrived in Puerto Rico on a cruise ship from Europe. Investigators have discovered no trace of her in Europe.

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According to Kohlhepp, as The Sparrow grew older, she began to open up to those around her. People in Puerto Rico recognised the link and contacted his police department. Kohlhepp stated in a statement: “We were contacted by an agent from Interpol as well as a social worker from Puerto Rico who believed they had her in an adult care home in Puerto Rico. They said she came into their care in 1999 when she was found in need in the streets where she is wandering around. While there, she refused to discuss her private life or where she came from. As she asked and spoke more, she leaked enough details about her identity that they were able to connect enough dots to contact us.”

DNA samples were used to prove that the woman was, in fact, Patricia Kopta herself. Her relatives said that she was a beloved wife and sister. However, one day she simply departed. Legally, Patricia Kopta was pronounced deceased.