The restaurant owner Patrick Mendoza, who was sought after in relation to a shooting that took place in the North End earlier this month, has been found. He was detained without bail after his arrest on Friday.

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Following an incident on July 12, Patrick Mendoza, 54, was able to evade the Boston Police for several days. Mendoza allegedly fired rounds at a person outside of Modern Pastry on Hanover Street in the North End, according to sources. Although no one was hurt, a bullet from the firing accidentally hit a bakery window.

Who is Patrick Mendoza?

Patrick Mendoza is 54 years old. He is the owner of a restaurant, Monica’s Trattoria, in North End.

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Following the shooting incident outside Modern Pastry in the North End, Patrick Mendoza is now facing a number of serious charges, including assault to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and witness intimidation. The fact that Mendoza was on probation and that it was about to expire on July 12—the day the shooting occurred—has also come to light. Mendoza had already been found guilty of assaulting the same victim outside of Modern Pastry and had been particularly told to stay away from him.

He was arrested at the Gosnold Treatment Center in Falmouth, which is a substance abuse treatment center. 

Patrick Mendoza opted not to show up in person during the court proceedings and hid his face as a result. As opposed to that, his defense team submitted a not guilty plea on his behalf to all of the accusations he is up against, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and witness intimidation. Next week, the court has set a pretrial detention hearing where additional judgments on his pre-trial detention status will be made.

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According to court records, the person who was shot at said that Patrick Mendoza rode up to him on a bicycle while he was waiting outside the store for his daughter to finish her work. Mendoza allegedly began shouting at him and using foul language. The man asserted that he had known Mendoza for about 20 years and there had been an ongoing dispute between the two.