Justice Clarence Thomas allegedly broke US law by failing to disclose “flights, yacht cruises, and expensive sports tickets” given by wealthy friends behind at least 38 destination vacations, ethics experts told ProPublica in its most recent ground-breaking investigation into the conservative judge and his friends.

Thomas traveled to at least 38 vacation spots paid for by friends he made while serving on the court, according to the news organization, which names oil tycoon Paul “Tony” Novelly as a benefactor whose gifts to him haven’t before been documented. According to the article, Novelly took Thomas on fishing vacations to the Bahamas.

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The report was only the most recent in a long line of exposés revealing connections between 75-year-old Thomas and wealthy donors, many of whom gave to conservative causes, prominently featuring real estate mogul Harlan Crow.

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Who is Paul ‘Tony’ Novelly?

Businessman Paul Anthony Novelly created FutureFuel Corp. and has held leadership positions in 13 different organizations. He currently serves as the chairman of Western Metals Corp., the chairman of FutureFuel Corp., the chairman and chief executive officer of World Point Holdings, Inc., the chairman and chief executive officer of Apex Oil, Inc., the president, chief executive officer, and director of AIC Ltd. (Bermuda), and the chairman of Apex Oil Co., Inc. Novelly is also President & Chief Executive Officer of The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans.

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Novelly has held various executive positions in the past, including chairman, president, and CEO of WPT GP LLC, chief executive of St. Albans Global Management LLC, CEO of Apex Holding Co., chairman, president, and CEO of World Point Terminals, Inc., and president and CEO of FutureFuel Chemical Co.
Novelly graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University.