Prince George’s County police officer Francesco Marlett’s wife Paula Marlett opened up about a video of her husband going viral where he was seen kissing an unidentified woman while on duty. He was also seen getting into a car with the same woman while on duty.

The clip of the incident has been going viral on social media for the past two days. The Prince George’s County, Maryland police department has launched an investigation into the video.

The viral video showed Francesco kissing a woman near a parked police cruiser. The two then embraced each other across the street from a neighborhood park and got into the backseat of the vehicle.

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The person who posted the video on TikTok before it went viral on other social media platforms, said that their cousin shot the video when they were in Southlawn neighborhood park in Oxon Hill.

State attorney for Prince George’s County said: “The difficult thing is that when you are picking up things on a camera, they’re somewhat one-dimensional, so you’re only seeing it. You don’t know the emotion. You don’t know the conversation, the circumstances. That’s why police departments have general orders on how officers should conduct themselves while in uniform, while utilizing their cruisers to prevent these types of incidents from happening but at this point, there’s no reason to believe anything criminal occurred. At this point, it’s an investigation of the department.”

Who is Paula Marlett?

Francesco’s wife Paula Marlett took to her Facebook and TikTok to react to the video of her husband with an unidentified woman.

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In another Facebook post, she thanked fellow internet users for their support of her and her kids. “Yes, I know what’s been going on. No, I am not updating anyone on this situation after today,” she writes on the platform.

She further noted that she is not seeking anyone’s opinions or input for dealing with this situation.

Marlett’s husband has been suspended from his department as investigation into the incident continues. the officer has been suspended twice before. He was first suspended in 2016 following allegations of child abuse. At the time, he was accused of beating his then-girlfriend‘s three-year-old son unconscious.

Charges at the time were dropped and his record was expunged. His second suspension was in May 2023. when he stood accused of domestic violence. No further information on these allegations was reported. He was allowed to return to duty a month later in June.