People from all over the Southeast gathered on Thursday for an auction of items originally inside the Murdaugh’s home in Colleton County, South Carolina, which is a hunting property called Moselle.

The auction was held around 100 miles away at Liberty Auction in Georgia. The event lasted for more than six hours. Steven Dugger, the auctioneer handling the sale, said the event was “the largest auction I have seen here for sure,” reported CNN.

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Liberty Auction owner Lori Mattingly also agreed that the Murdaugh lot was the “largest lot ever sold” for the firm.

The bidding started just after 4 pm in a packed room and the auction finally came to a close at 10:30 pm, when all of the Murdaugh items were sold.

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The Murdaugh’s belongings were marked by the number 3-335 and sold for higher-than-normal prices. The family’s couch was sold for $14,000 to Phillip Jennings.

Who is Phillip Jennings?

Phillip Jennings is the owner of Broomsedge Rod and Gun, a hunting and lodging company based in Georgia. One of the big ticket items at the auction was the brown leather couch set, known as the “alibi couch” because onlookers suspect it is the family room furniture Alex Murdaugh claimed on the stand to have been sleeping on when his wife and son were killed.

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Jennings paid $14,000 for the couch.

“I bought it because I needed it,” Jennings said, CourtTV reported Thursday night.

Jennings said the couch was “absolutely comfortable,” and projected that guests would want to take naps on the famous set of furniture. He also bought several beds, tackle boxes, and duck decoys that belonged to Murdaugh.

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“The couches certainly were the highlight of the night,” he added. Jennings said he does not believe he paid too much. He plans to place it in his Georgia lodge, Broomsedge Rod & Gun.

Apart from the couches, other Murdaugh items included mounted long horns which went for $10,000, and lamps adorned with tortoise shells that sold for $800.