Alex Murdaugh received a life sentence in prison for the murders of his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, and his son, Paul Murdaugh.

After a six-week trial, the jury deliberated for less than three hours before convicting Alex Murdaugh, 54, on two counts of murder. When he is sentenced on Friday, he will face a lengthy prison term.

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Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were shot at close range near their family estate’s dog kennels on June 7, 2021. Alex Murdaugh stood motionless as he learned his fate at a hearing in Walterboro on Thursday evening.

Before 2006, Murdaugh’s family members had been the top attorneys in the region for decades. Murdaugh had once been a prominent personal injury lawyer in the state. Their impact was so great that the region was given the name “Murdaugh Country”. Randolph Murdaugh Sr., Randolph “Buster” Murdaugh Jr., and Randolph Murdaugh III served as solicitors for a five-county area of South Carolina’s Lowcountry region.

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Who is Randolph ‘Buster’ Murdaugh Jr?

Randolph “Buster” Murdaugh Jr., replaced his father Randolph Murdaugh Sr and served as solicitor for a five-county area of South Carolina’s Lowcountry region.

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During his 46 years in government, Buster faced opposition just twice. Buster was renowned for “his love of chewing tobacco, his courtroom prowess, and his flair for playing out murders before spellbound juries.”  Professor John Blume of Cornell Law School claims that Buster received several reprimands from the state supreme court for his closing arguments in various cases involving the death sentence.   In 1956, a federal grand jury reportedly indicted him for allegedly advising a bootlegger to move a still into a neighboring county in order to elude the police; however, he was found not guilty.  Buster stopped practising in 1986 and died in 1998.