Ricardo Whilby, co-owner of Red Hills Towing in NJ, disrupts public meetings with anti-Israel rhetoric, including telling Jews to leave.

Who is Ricardo Whilby?

Ricardo Whilby, identified as the co-owner of Red Hills Towing in Englewood, New Jersey, has stirred controversy by disrupting public meetings with violent anti-Israel remarks. At a recent city council gathering in Englewood, Whilby reportedly shouted at Jews, saying, “You need to go back to Germany, Europe, Belgium, wherever the f**k you’re from.”

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Whilby’s disruptive behavior extended to a Board of Education meeting in Teaneck on December 13, 2023. At this event, he expressed support for terrorism, called for Israel’s destruction, and yelled offensive remarks at Jews present. The incidents occurred against the backdrop of heightened tensions following Hamas terror attacks and Israel’s retaliatory actions.

During the Teaneck meeting, Whilby shouted, “From the river to the sea! By any f**king means necessary!”—a chant associated with dismantling the State of Israel. His disruptive actions led to police intervention.

On a separate occasion, on October 24, 2023, Whilby disrupted a city council meeting in Englewood, targeting pro-Israel Jewish attendees. He yelled at a woman, stating, “You need to go back to Germany, Europe, Belgium, wherever the f**k you’re from!”

Whilby’s provocative statements have triggered concern and condemnation, with one rabbi describing him as “calling the Jews descendants of Satan, Christ-killers, etc.” Whilby also protested against teaching the Holocaust in state schools, making false claims about Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.

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As of December 18, 2023, Whilby is listed as the co-owner and manager of Red Hills Towing and Transportation LLC in Englewood, New Jersey. The incidents have raised questions about his role in the community and the impact on his towing business.