A disturbing video showing a Massachusetts police sergeant who was off duty beating his 72-year-old neighbor has gone viral. According to the reports, the sergeant, identified as Scott Seargent had a dispute related to his paddleboard.

In a video posted by Boston 25 News on July 24, Hull Police Sgt. Scott Saunders can be seen punching Harry Horsley, his neighbor of 36 years, and throwing him to the ground.

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According to WCVB, Horsley told police that Saunders hit his car with a paddleboard while he was traveling down the narrorw Furnace Colony Drive in Pembroke. As a result, Horsley pulled over and exited the vehicle.

“Why did you hit my car? That’s all I said,” Horsley told Boston 25. “He bull-rushed me down to the ground, landed on top of me, I’m on my back. He pounded away. I’m like this trying to protect myself from getting hit worse.”

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He told the investigators that Saunders eventually got off of him and left, leaving him bloodied and wounded from the beating, which the witness had partially filmed.

Horsley did not leave the officer enough room when he drove by, according to the 18-year veteran. He claimed that when the neighbor gave him a punch to the face, he shoved Horsley to the ground, according to WCVB.

Horsley’s hands did not seem to be up prior to Saunders pushing him to the ground and punching him, according to the officers who responded and saw the home surveillance footage the sergeant provided.

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According to authorities, the victim had many wounds, including cuts and facial swelling. Saunders was charged with assault and battery on a person over 60 and was consequently placed on paid administrative leave.

Hull Police Chief John Dunn told WCVB that his badge and service weapon had been taken and that his permit to carry had been suspended. He also said that an internal affairs investigation was underway.