Milla Sofia amassed over 250,000 Instagram followers in a short period of time.

Who is Milla Sofia?

Milla Sofia, 19, is a “stunning blonde” from Finland, according to the British “Daily Mail.” Thousands of people followed her when she uploaded images of her summer vacations across the world as part of her efforts to become a global fashion ambassador.

Sofia, on the other hand, does not exist; she is a collection of AI-generated photos, a synthetic influencer who duped hundreds of thousands into believing she was a genuine person.

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According to the Daily Mail, while this behaviour is common on social media, virtual influencers have also been utilised in several frauds to gain money.

The report also highlighted a simple method for detecting artificial intelligence fraud, which is that it constantly fails to form a hand. According to the story, Sofia constantly hides her hand, and when a photograph of her hand was published, more than five fingers were recognised.

Sofia’s followers have now come down to 58,000 after her news made headlines.

The emergence of AI-generated users like Milla Sofia stretches beyond social media and into the dating arena. Alessandra Conti, a celebrity matchmaker, has noted a dramatic increase in clients reporting cases of being catfished by AI bots. These bots are so realistic that it’s difficult to tell them apart from actual people.

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Conti advocates looking for telltale indicators of bots, such as profiles that aren’t clearly labelled. She also mentions that financial or investment discussions can be a red indicator. She does, however, acknowledge that these bots frequently target persons aged 35 and over, who are more vulnerable to their deceitful tactics.

Influencers such as Caryn Marjorie have welcomed AI replicas of themselves in some situations. CarynAI, as she refers to it, gives her the ability to monetize her name and likeness by charging people for interactions. While others may see this as a mutual agreement, Conti is concerned about older people being duped by these convincing AI bots on dating apps.

Even a well-known dating app Raya has been infiltrated by AI bots, demonstrating that no platform is completely immune to this problem. Conti emphasises the importance of being vigilant and verifying interactions with others on dating apps.