A man in Volusia County was taken into custody after allegedly making serious shooting threats, as confirmed by officials. 

The FBI notified the detectives of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday night of many threats made in the comments area of two YouTube videos. The 18-year-old man has been identified as Seth Montes.

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Who is Seth Montes?

Seth Montes is 18 years old. He is a resident of Deltona. He allegedly threatened a nearby church with multiple mass shootings. These threats allegedly appeared in the comments section of news broadcast footage on the Colorado Springs, California, Club Q mass shooting in 2022 and the Orlando, Florida, Pulse Night Club incident in 2016.

A blatant threat to shoot was followed by the quip, “Have fun seeing me on the news,” according to reports. The suspect expressed support for the mass shooters in Charleston, South Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee, and expressed a desire to emulate them the next week in other remarks.

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The remarks were linked by law police to the suspect’s Deltona home on Babcock Avenue. During an interview with detectives, Montes allegedly admitted to making the threats but maintained that he was just “trolling.” Even if it is alleged that the threats were made in a provocative or trolling way, the content of the remarks and the investigation that followed highlight the grave ramifications and legal repercussions connected with making threats.

Seth Montes’ threats, according to the sheriff’s office, did not name any specific places. Authorities also searched Montes’ home and found no weapons there. Even though authorities claimed there was a gun in the residence, they claimed it was locked in a gun safe.

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Although the lack of particular locations mentioned in the threats and the firearm’s secure storage may have an impact on how serious authorities regard Montes’s possible threat investigation, they usually look into these situations in great detail to protect the public.